‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Shanna Moakler Tells Everyone She Hates Kim Kardashian

Shanna Moakler has continued to stoke the flames of discontent with the Kardashians as her latest social media activity has gone viral.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Shanna Moakler Tells Everyone She Hates Kim Kardashian

The model, who was previously married to Kourtney Kardashian’s current boyfriend Travis Barker, has not made it a secret over her disapproval towards the couple. But now it seems her attention has turned to Kim Kardashian, who Shanna had accused of cheating with Travis during their marriage.

In her latest condemnation, we can see a comment posted by a user stating: “I f—king hate her [in reference to Kim],” to which Shanna replied: “You’re not alone.” The comment went viral on the internet, only for it to be deleted by Shanna. But with the damage already being done, the attention has turned towards why Shanna continues to barrage the Kardashians.

Shanna, for her part, has accused the Kardashians of creating a rift between herself and her kids. This has led to the children responding by bashing Shanna on social media and accusing the star of being an absent mother. Although Shanna denied that this was anything but the case, words do have a profound impact, she made it known just how hurt she was.

In response to the claims, she told US Weekly: “I’m not really sure why my kids put that out there. I’m their mother. I love them. It’s hurtful and heartbreaking to have your kids say that when … clearly that’s false. It’s a false claim.” Despite her claims, a certain subset of fans have accused Shanna of being jealous. They have pointed to the fact that the Kardashians have been able to give her kids a better lifestyle.

While that may be true in part, if we were to just focus on wealth, Shanna simply wants everyone to get along. She added: “I don’t have any feelings toward either one of them, like, I’m not jealous of them, I don’t think about them…If they want to run off into the sunset like by all means, but you know, don’t alienate my children in the process.” We will have to see if Kim responds to this social media move, but regardless of whether she does, Shanna has made her position very clear.

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