Jeffree Star Opens Up On The ‘Bizarre’ Rumours Linking Him With Kanye West

Jeffree Star has opened up on the previous rumours that he had been hooking up with Kanye West during the latter’s marital problems with his soon to be ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Jeffree Star Opens Up On The ‘Bizarre’ Rumours Linking Him With Kanye West

The Youtuber, who identifies as an androgynous person, was heavily linked to the rapper during the early parts of this year. While Jeffree denied that anything had been going on, the speculation emerged due to the fact that Jeffree had houses that were situtated very close to the rapper and Kim. This made it more likely that something had, in fact, happened.

During an interview with Us Weekly, he dismissed the rumours as complete falsehood. Jeffree said: “It was bizarre…this was just a really funny rumour that I woke up to…Even my own mom was texting me, like, ‘What is going on? Is this true?…I think it’s hilarious!” Kayne has been linked with many women, but Jeffree does not seem to be on the top of his list, let alone in the conversation. 

Nevertheless, Jeffree’s relationship with the Kardashians may have become distant since then. Jeffree opened up on how he has not seen the family for a while, despite coming across their staff on numerous occasions. It is unclear whether this is just an unfortunate coincidence or whether the family are looking to avoid him.

Regardless, the family may be seeing more of Jeffree in light of the following comments. Jeffree added:Kris [Jenner] and Khloé [Kardashian] are building at the end of our street right now… So they’re going to be my neighbours shortly.” Despite the rumours, Jeffree has other things on his mind.

He was recently involved in a massive car accident which saw him being hospitalised with his friend. Although he has been released since then, he has set his sights on making a full recovery. That includes letting go of any negativity and staying focused on the future ahead. And that is exactly what the Youtuber is intent on doing. He remarked: “It’s been a slow journey. I couldn’t do physical therapy until my body was healed. So now we’re at a point where I can finally start to bend down and stretch and do certain things.”

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