Does Youtuber Trisha Paytas Have a Skin Care Line?

Did anyone think that Trisha Paytas’s announcement of a skin care line was a joke, initially? Because I sure did. If you’ll remember there was a video quite a few years back in which Trisha used her magical troll skills and did a video called the “100 layer challenge” which she got a lot of hate for.

The details of this video are kind of risque, but if you search hard enough on youtube you will be able to find it. A lot of people hated her for that challenge, so, when she first announced her “skin care line” I thought she was just trolling and that it was just going to be another sexually charged prank type video.

But… she’s actually serious!

In the same vein as Jeffree Star, she is now producing her own skin care line, which is produced in California, not overseas, and she even posted a clip of her helping fill the orders.

Now, we know she’s not in there on the daily filling orders like that, that responsibility belongs to the lady assistant that they showed first filling an order, but we do know that Trish seems to be at least somewhat involved with her own brand, which is a good thing. She says that she’s not really in charge of launch timelines though, and that it kind of gets in the way of the other project that she’s doing which is “Sadboy 2005”, which looks to be music related.

Trisha posted a video saying that a lot of people were upset with her for the timing of her launch, seeing as she just up and quit the Frenemies Podcast (which doesn’t exist anymore now apparently, since she stepped down), people are saying that she quit the podcast in order to promote skincare, which she said was not true and that she had actually been excited to promote her line on the podcast, but now that’s not going to happen.

She said that Frenemies was “good promotion” but now she doesn’t have it anymore and seemed a little regretful of that fact, but oh well, everything has to come to an end sometime. Stay tuned!!!

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