Cops Repeatedly Called to J-Lo’s Home Thanks to Fake 911 Calls

The Los Angeles Police Department is repeatedly being called to the Bel-Air home of singer Jennifer Lopez as faux 911 calls flood in.

The multiple 911 calls usually report disturbances on the property: loud noises or loud music coming from the mansion. When law enforcement arrives, there is no such disturbance. Often the only people around are J-Lo’s security team who assure the police the singer/actress and property is fine.

Cops Repeatedly Called to J-Lo’s Home Thanks to Fake 911 Calls

During one call to the property, a man was found on the grounds. He was soon identified as the landscaper and the only noise being made was from his equipment.

The LAPD is said to be extremely frustrated with the misused man time due to these bogus calls. They are having difficulty tracking down the 911 callers as the calls coming from burner phones.

According to the LAPD, the faux emergency calls began directly after J-Lo performed at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. They do believe the five months of consistent calls are politically motivated.

J-Lo’s security is said to be working with LAPD to help shut the calls down and law enforcement is ready to punish the offenders to the full extent of the law.

In California, calling 911 with the intent to annoy or harass an individual may lead to fines of up to $1,000, six months in jail, or both. To repeatedly call 911 in California for non-emergency reasons can lead to fines as high as $200 per call.

Currently J-Lo and her two children are packing up their Miami rental with plans to move back to L.A. It’s interesting to see what will happen once the family moves back to California, and if they move back into the Bel-Air mansion.

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