Chris Pratt Is Cherishing Fatherhood Even More The Second Time Around

Chris Pratt has revealed what life has been like ever since he became a father for the second time.  

Chris Pratt Is Cherishing Fatherhood Even More The Second Time Around

The Hollywood actor has two children to his name. From his first marriage to Anna Faris, he had his son Jack. Meanwhile, he went on to become a father once again with his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, as they recently welcomed their daughter Lyla.

And it seems the latter experience has taught him much more than he could have first envisaged. During an interview with Daily Pop, he said: “The greatest gift that I’ve seen so far, the second child really shows you the uniqueness of the first child.” One of the things Chris has learnt was that each child has their own quirks.

In keeping with that, the couple decided not to expose the daughter Lyla on social media, unlike Chris had done with Jack. The duo are hoping to minimise the scrutiny and comments that would naturally occur on social media simply so that they can appreciate just how special each child can be. Naturally, that can only be done by cherishing those moments with the child.

He added: “When you have one child, you just think, ‘Oh that’s what babies are like/ And then a second child comes along, and they might do things differently from the get-go, and you say, ‘Oh wow, OK so that was actually unique.” Chris, for his part, has certainly stepped up to the plate.

During his first marriage to Anna, the actor was accused of putting his career first at the expense of the family unit. Anna has spoken on how Chris was very competitive with her, given that they are both within the acting world, sometimes much to the detriment of their family values. 

But this time around, it is entirely different. In a prior interview with Entertainment Tonight, Katherine stated how Chris has stepped up to the plate. She remarked: “To see my husband step into the role of being a girl dad is so beautiful. It’s… been really nice.” It is great to see Chris coming out of his shell. His family life looks to be in a really good place and long may that continue.

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