90 Day Fiancé: Stephanie ‘Stepanka’ Matto Says Her Family Watches Her R-Rated “Adult” Content!

It’s been a minute since we talked about Stephanie Matto, AKA Stepanka, from youtube. If you don’t remember her she’s the one who went on Before the 90 days and pretended to want to be with this poor girl Erika from Austrailia and it went badly.

According to Stephanie it was because a side-effect caused by her medication she was taking for her condition. However, anyone familiar with breathing knows that that’s literally not the way that actual  sexuality works, but hey, we’re not judging, obviously we don’t wake up as Stepanka. (I’m kidding. All tea. All shade.)

Why Stepanka?

Recently she did a video on her channel, entitled “My family watched my adult content onlyfans” and I don’t know about you but the rest of us who practice boundaries within our own families are sitting at their computer screens in horror and asking why.

However, literally 10 seconds into the video there’s clickbait because she films herself eating an obscenely huge pickle that she commented on and then things become a lot more apparent because she’s advertising a sale on her onlyfans.

That’s kind of the only thing she does these days is advertise sales on her Onlyfans on her youtube channel, there’s no more vlogs or storytimes (and if there are they’re few and far between) now she’s advertising onlyfans… geeze.

She then proceede to toot her own horn by saying that the reason she was so well-liked on onlyfans was because she didn’t have a perfect body when a fan wrote in asking her her secrets to keeping a good figure… wow talk about fishing for more compliments!

But then we get down to the meat and potatoes of the video and she says how her family ended up watching her OnlyFans was actually quite tragic in a way.

She said that she’s had an online stalker for a couple of years now that somehow got ahold of all of her leaked images and videos and then proceeded to email them to her family. Her Mom emailed her one night and asked if she should tell him off but Stepanka said no, don’t engage with crazy… good move.

However Stepanka revealed that she has something up her sleeve. She follows the stalker’s Mom on social media and says that if he goes too far, then she’s going to go on the neighborhood app that his Mom posts on all the time and literally hit everyone up and just tell them what he’s been doing.

I’m not saying it’s a good or a bad idea, I’m saying that Stepanka might choose violence by doing that, but here we are. Truth be told, even if they do post nudes and do adult work online, no one deserves to be stalked. So let’s hope she gets rid of him soon. Still, I would be way more mortified about my family finding out I had an Onlyfans. Although, I’m looking forward to that alien story. Stay tuned!!!

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