10,000 Olympic Games Volunteers Quit Due to Safety Concerns

10 000 of the 80 000 of those who stepped forward to volunteer at the 2020 Summer Olympics have decided they no longer wat to be a part of the massive event. In fact, they–and many other Japanese citizens–want to call the whole thing off.

When Tokyo won the bid to host the 2020 summer Olympics, the country never imagined the trouble they would go through. The pandemic gripping the globe forced the games to be pushed back a year, a first in a non-war time era.

10,000 Olympic Games Volunteers Quit Due to Safety Concerns

Then, amid the tough decisions being made by the Japanese IOC, the he head of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizing committee, and ex Japanese Prime Minster, Yoshido Mori was forced to resign after the derogatory comments he made about women triggered an international backlash.

The Olympic torch relay was diverted multiple times to avoid Covid-stricken areas and made private so as to not draw crowds.

Now they face another huge blow with 1/8th of the volunteers quitting only 50 days before the country is put on display for the entire world to see as the opening ceremonies kick off the XXXII  Olympiad.

The reason for the mass exodus is fears for safety as the Coronavirus pandemic stretches on. Only about 2 to 3% of the Japanese population is vaccinated and the country recorded a surge in cases in May, resulting in the State of Emergency in Japan being extended to June 20. This is  due to over-crowding and strain on the medical care facilities in major cities.

Protestors have hit the streets of Tokyo with the people of Japan concerned the Games will serve as a superspreader event. Reports show between 70 and 80% of Japanese citizens are against the Olympics beginning on July 23, as currently scheduled.

It could be pride, not wanting to cancel like Japan did in 1940 when war broke out in the country. Or, it could be that Japan has already invested at least $12.6 billion into these Games.

Whatever the reason, Olympics officials are reiterating that the Games will go ahead as planned. Now to find another 10, 000 volunteers somewhere.

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