Youtuber James Charles Sued By Former Employee!

To add to all the scandals that James Charles has been through in 2021 already, now his former producer and editor Kelly Rocklein is allegedly sueing him and has some pretty horrible allegations against him. Even though you may not know her name right off the bat, Rocklein has some pretty big names under her belt.

She also heads up a vegan subscription box called Rootley, so if you subscribe to that you may have heard her name. She has also worked with influencer Erica Costell (anybody who knows Jake Paul will know that name, he dated her right after the whole Alyssa Violet scandal), so she knows what she’s doing as far as social media goes.

James Charles being sued by former employee

However, it looks like she ended up suing Erica Costell in the end because she ended up tweeting “Won 1, now going 2 for 2 because I’m all about law and order.”

Somehow this doesn’t bode well for James. 

However, Erica is a smaller influencer than James, but in a court of law your online clout may not hold up as much. In fact I’m pretty sure that unless your Jeffree Star, your online clout isn’t going to hold up in a court of law, and these allegations do not look good for James Charles.

Kelly only worked for Charles for 8 months, but in those 8 months she got her eyes full because she filed 10 complaints against the work environment that James Charles provided – yike! They include: Failure to provide all wages upon separation.

Failure to provide minimum wage compensation, Failure to provide overtime and double-time compensation, Waiting Time Penalties, Disability Discrimination (oooh that’s a big one!), Failure to provide reasonable accomodation (another big one!), Failure to engage in good faith interactive process, Retaliation, and Retailation leading to wrongful termination.


Rocklein’s original job title was video editor, but soon got promoted to producer, but James thought he could get a two-for-one deal because he forgot to hire a new video editor to replace her and therefore stuck Rocklein with both jobs at the same time.

Back in 2019 she subtweeted about how hard the job was, saying: “When an influencer says, “been editing this video” there’s a good chance they have an underpaid, under apprecaited video editor working on it, who also duos as their videographer/photographer/graphic designer/PA/therapist AND friend… that also won’t get creative recognition.” OUCH!

Rocklein alleges that she as putting in 12 hour days and not getting paid an ounce of overtime. She told James that he needed to hire a new video editor but James refused to listen (I guess he couldn’t hear due to all the cancellations going on in the background), she said it took a large physical and emotional toll on her.

Instead of doing what a reasonable boss would do and just paying her for all of her unpaid wages, James offered her a raise in 6 months that would cover all of her overtime… except that didn’t exactly happen because Kelly didn’t make it to the six month mark, rather she sustained a serious head injury in the presence of James in Sept of 2018 (we’re assuming on the job), lost consciousness and had to go to the hospital.

Due being hospitalized and suffering side effects of this head injury, she of course fell behind on work. You would think someone as rich as James Charles would provide medical leave and be extremely concerned about his employees but nope!

Scads of money doesn’t make you a decent person, because she had to take time off to be hospitalized and recuperate, James told her that she wasn’t dedicated enough to her job. When she did get back, all James did was berate her about how her health shouldn’t impede video production. Wow.

She says that in person, James was always extremely critical of her time off but over text he came off kind and caring, this makes me wonder if he even sent the texts in the first place and it wasn’t put off on some assistant to reply instead.

Or, James could have just been covering himself in case she ever did decide to sue  him. Finally after being admitted to the hospital for a fourth time and being diagnosed with a concussion and told to take a week off of work in order to properly recover, she told James and that’s where things hit the fan – he didn’t believe her!

After her week of medical leave, she was fired for poor performance, but yet she had been promoted to producer a month before her accident.It just looks suspicious. James Charles has denied all claims but… this does not look good, at all. Stay tuned!!!

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