Youtube Gets Huge Creator Backlash As Huge New Changes Implemented! HeelvsBabyface

YouTube has been a great way for people who want to spread the word about their creations, put out content, and share information. However, there’s also been a lot of criticism from some of those same creators and fans. Let’s take a look at some of those issues and what the platform is planning next.

YouTube challenges

First, YouTube has been getting a lot of flack from some of its own creators in recent months. In particular, those who are being silenced for their opinions.

Most have gotten around some of the methods to silence them by using alternate phrases from words that will likely get a video flagged, regardless of the stance one might take on the topic.

One of those was Modern Renaissance Man. Not long ago, his account was locked for a week due to what alleged violations. When the YouTuber was once again able to publish, he made an “apology” video that made it clear how he felt about their decision and how they handled it.

And he’s not the only one who’s expressed problems with YT and other sites. Awaken with JP has made more than one video addressing online censorship and often vague Terms of Service violations. But there’s more to this.

Blasted on YouTube

Of course, any time one goes public and publishes content, there’s always a risk. Someone is not going to like what you have to say, and they’ll likely let you know it. The Star Wars accounts online, especially their YouTube, has been a great example of that.

Several times, the company posted content in celebration of minority characters, celebrating women, and speaking in support of the Asian community. However, their messages were  not well-received by many.

For example, on a post celebrating women, one user wrote, “Problem is, you don’t actually respect women! “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano   #FireKathleenKennedy.”

In a post celebrating Finn, one fan wrote, “Spare me the virtue signaling Disney. You took Finn from a great main character and turned him into a bumbling fool third rate character.

Not only that you used the same Chinese military unit that runs the concentration camps in China to secure the set of Mulan and thanked them.”

And that’s not even getting too the “dislike” onslaught that happened on numerous videos from the company featuring Kathleen Kennedy. Interestingly enough, YouTube recently announced something that not everyone believes is a good idea, but could be very beneficial to the channels who are getting the Kathleen Kennedy treatment.

Changes coming to YouTube?

Recently, we came across a video from this YT account. In it, HeelvsBabyface discussed a recent tweet from the popular platform that announced they’re testing a new look. Some users will soon notice they can still dislike something if they don’t like the content, but the number will be hidden. This earned the criticism of the YouTuber as well as Twitter users.

Particularly, HeelvsBabyface objected to the idea that people can’t express their dislike for something and have it be shown. He and other Twitter users pointed out there’s a downside to hiding such information.

It keeps other users from getting an idea of how the content has been received. And in the case of those getting said feedback, it gives no motivation to change. For example, he brought up a character design change that met with huge disapproval on the platform.

Later on, the design went back to what it was originally. So, this kind of feedback keeps creators accountable to their audience, especially in instances where there’s a huge, loyal fanbase for an existing franchise someone takes over.

Whatever the motivation for this decision, we can definitely see it backfiring. People like to make their opinions known, and the push has been to silence online—especially for the big brands.

Eventually, people will get tired of it and look for other avenues to express themselves and consume content where they can have an open opinion about that content.

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