What does Bhad Bhabie have planned for Dr. Phil?

A couple of days ago Bhad Bhabie AKA Danielle Bregoli responded to Dr. Phil’s ‘apology’ video and refuted his claims about not knowing what was going on at Turnabout Ranch because according to her her Mom signed release forms stating that the Dr. Phil Show could receive updates about her.

  Whether they actually gave Dr. Phil updates is anyone’s guess, but the release forms were signed and in order to do progress reports for the show they had to receive some sort of information on Danielle.

What does Bhad Bhabie have planned for Dr. Phil?

Danielle also went on in her video, expressing how insulted she was that this news outlet would blatantly ignore all of her accomplishments, like being the youngest female rapper to be nominated for a billboard award, and just play the clip of her on the Dr. Phil show where she was acting out.

She said that the Dr. Phil show also told her to act out and kick, scream, punch, and do whatever she wanted in order to ‘make a good show’, which implies that there’s some level of fakeness about this whole thing and that if that be the case then there’s a chance that Danielle suffered abuse for no reason… in which case, yike.

On “tough love” Danielle said that what they brushed off as “tough love” in these places was not tough love at all, but rather being “stripped of your entire personality”, she said that the kids there were regularly sleep deprived, humiliated, and even starved.

She’s right, that is not tough love, that is torture, and they even have a lawsuit against them to prove it. Dr. Phil is trying to distance himself from any personal responsibility, it would seem, but Bregoli is not having it.

Her video ended with a veiled threat at Dr. Phil, saying that she had something “coming for” him, but what could that something possibly be? She said that “You think it’s your job to make people go against each other?

Well boy, have I got something coming for you.” so, what is this tea that she’s going to spill? Is there something she’s going to reveal that proves that Dr. Phil had access to what was going on with her at Turnabout Ranch all along? Or is it something more sinister? Stay tuned!!!

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