TLC ‘Extreme Sisters’ Spoilers: Viewers Have Thoughts!

‘Extreme Sisters’ spoilers find that the newest TLC offering, premiered on Sunday in the coveted spot between the new season of 90 Day Fiancé and the subsequent new season of Pillow Talk (back on TLC after an unpopular move to Discovery +).

And viewers have some thoughts on this new show.

‘Extreme Sisters’ Spoilers. Viewers Have Thoughts After Last Night’s Premier.

The first question we collectively had was:


Followed quickly by:

For those who missed it, the reality series concentrates on the too close for comfort relationship between varying sets of sisters. All the relationships are unhealthy, are hurting others around them and it would be far more apt for the stars to be in counseling that exploited on national television.

Patrix and Patricia dry brush each other’s naked bodies, make unilateral decisions about Patricia’s entire family of 5 moving to Orlando because Patrix wants to, and they make Patricia’s husband sit at the kiddie table for dinner. These two were the sensible ones out of the bunch.

Baylee and Brooke sleep in the same bed. Problem is, Brooke’s husband Denver is also there…and he’s not a happy camper about it.

Baylee is far too dependent on her big sister, but we are also catching a glimpse of manipulation- she obviously doesn’t like that Denver has the audacity to come in and marry her sister, splitting the girls up.  Oh, also, Brooke and Baylee’s first names are actually Candace. Yes, both of them. And Brooke’s daughter is also Candace.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Rounding out the first three sets of sisters in the premier episode ate Lucy and Anna. There are no words to describe these twins from Australia. Well, actually, there are, but they are all in an Abnormal Psychology textbook that still haunts my dreams.

These two dress alike, do their hair and makeup alike and get their boob jobs alike. They share a phone, a Facebook account and a boyfriend. They are present in the room when ole Ben …ah…services the sister. Whatever lube job and brake adjustment he does to one, he must do the exact same to the other.

Yes, I was looking for a cheese grater to remove my ears upon hearing this as you are seeking a paper spindle to pierce your eyes upon reading. You’re welcome.

The most sensible moment of the night didn’t come from Lucy and Anna’s mother (who incidentally lives with her daughters and the shared boyfriend) claiming her daughters “aren’t the full biscuit”, but the dentist who refused to remove Lucy’s healthy molar when Anna’s infected one needed to be yanked. Or honestly, it could have been the other way around. I give up on those two.


BTW, we haven’t even met the sisters who meditate naked together or the twins who married twins, making their respective children not just cousins, but genetic twins!

Catch Extreme Sisters, Sunday nights on  TLC at 10pm ET…if you dare.

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