‘The Bachelor’: Katie Thurston and Anna Redman Reconcile

Katie Thurston and Anna Redman have patched things up after their high-profile fall out on the Bachelor franchise.

‘The Bachelor’: Katie Thurston and Anna Redman Reconcile

The two became embroiled in a tangle, that they could have done without, during Matt James‘ season. Anna infamously claimed that another contestant (Brittany Galvin) was an ‘escort’. While she admitted that she should not have used such language, Katie had already informed Matt that there had been bullying going on.

When Matt confronted Anna about the issue, it obviously hit a nerve as she was sent home shortly after.  But in a post on Instagram, we can see Katie and Anna next to each other as they smile in front of the camera. The picture was captioned by the following comments: “Nothing but love and growth.” The reconciliation, in part, was helped because Anna recognised that her actions were not very savoury. 

Although it could be argued that Katie was looking to outmanoeuvre other contestants in order to win the show, Anna’s conduct subsequent to that shows clear remorse. Not only that, she will have been aware of what happened to Rachael KirkconnellDuring an interview on The Women Tell All show, Anna lamented her actions. She said: “Nothing I can say can justify what I did.

“Honestly, there is no reason ever to take down another woman without ever thinking of the consequences…I am 100 times more sorry.” Despite Anna’s admissions, Katie was criticised at the time for blowing the comments out of proportion. The other contestants merely saw Katie taking advantage of an opportunity to send another member home.

Whether that was Katie’s intention is only something that she knows. But what we have learnt about Katie is that she is always going to speak her mind, and that is not going to change.

In response to the criticism, she stated: “You know I’m gonna speak my mind, and for me, it was just kind of, like, my last straw. So, for me, I felt like I owed it to Matt and to myself and to the environment to let him know my opinions.” It is great to see the duo putting their issues behind them, and long may that continue.

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