RHONJ: Jennifer Aydin Continues Her Feud With Margaret Josephs Following The Reunion Show

Jennifer Aydin has been left angered with Margaret Josephs following their upcoming reunion show on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Jennifer Aydin Continues Her Feud With Margaret Josephs Following The Reunion Show

The duo fell out after Jennifer mocked Margaret’s personal life by highlighting how her private life had come under scrutiny. Margaret had infamously disclosed in her book that she had slept with her former boss in order to progress in the fashion industry. That action was something that Jennifer latched onto quickly.

Margaret, for her part, criticised Jennifer’s behaviour in the aftermath of her excessive drinking. That exchange has left their ‘friendship’ in a difficult position. During an interview on the Getting Real with the Housewives, Jennifer had no regrets over her comments. She said: “I don’t regret it…You know, this wasn’t the first boss that she slept with.” 

Jennifer does have a point, though. This is because Magaret has been vocal in the past about how she had lamented her actions. She felt that she was not strong enough to put her foot down and progress in a company based on merit without the need to compromise on her principles. And yet, when Jennifer pointed that out, it seemed that Margaret took offence to it.

There is more to this dispute, however. The pair have had difficult moments for some time, which is why this feud should come as no surprise. Margaret has accused Jennifer of not doing anything of substantial value to earn a living and instead choosing to live off her husband, Bill Aydin. She had notoriously referred to Jennifer as viewing Bill as ‘her meal ticket.’

That comment did not go down well, but it was only the start. Margaret then questioned Jennfier’s parenting and accused her of not investing much time with her kids. As for Jennifer, here is what she had to say on the matter.

She remarked: “[Magaret] tells me I’m not the poster child for a stay-at-home mom, yet…she sent her kids to sleep away camp and spent her summers in the Hamptons. I’ve never left my kids.” It is safe to say that these two will not be having a friendship anytime soon.

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