‘Real World Reunion’ Spoilers: Becky Blasband and Reflecting about the Real World

The MTV hit reality show, The Real World, paved the way for reality shows. This was one of the first reality shows in the United States and it made quite a name for the network and the cast members. On the reunion series that is now airing on Paramount’s streaming service, all of the cast members have come back to relive the experiences they had in the loft in New York together.

‘Real World Reunion’ Spoilers: Becky Sheds Some Light

One of the cast members of the Real World is Becky Blasband. She remembers that she was very excited about being a part of this new social experiment. The show premiered in 1992 and many viewers were shocked and impressed by just how groundbreaking it was. This show was “the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a loft and have their lives taped.”

Becky heard about the show from a friend of hers and she was able to get in on the casting call. She was working on being a musician and thought that this could help her to make it big. Little did she know the impact that it would have on her and her life.

Becky is now 53-years old and wanted to open up to her fans more about the experience. “She was working as a casting director on the show and she thought I would be perfect for it. I think I must have gone in maybe seven times. I just kept saying to myself, ‘What is this thing? I’m not even going to get it.’ I just thought this was a little documentary on MTV that’s going to run in the summer. And I really needed it.”

She went on to tell her fans, “I was a struggling singer/songwriter and I could have used the publicity. So when I got it, I was both excited and frightened. Because they kept saying, ‘Are you sure you don’ mind that we’re really going to focus on you and it’s going to be very intimate? Everything is going to be exposed-all of it.’ I thought, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ You’ll say anything for a gig. And then it happened.”

The Real World showed us that seven people living together could really change their lives. There were some hard conversations that came up and even one of the cast members came out as gay on the show. There were battles over sexism and racism, but the cast members all seem very happy about being back together.

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