Pig Royalty – Sex Sells – Piggy Style!

On the Discovery+ Series, Pig Royalty, we previously alluded to a sex scandal that was elaborated on in the first episode in which Mikayla Balero, daughter of Michelle Balero, matriarch of the Balero show team and head of the “Rhinestone Cowgirls” was accused of sleeping with one of the judges in order to score more titles.

The rival Rihn girls said, “That rumor didn’t just come from nowhere, there had to be something going on.”, even Mikayla’s own older sister McKenzie, even threw her under the bus, saying that, “I have never slept with a judge but Mikayla would know all about that.” in the snottiest tone possible. (Wow, sibling rivalry much?)

Pig Royalty – Sex Sells – Piggy Style!

After some hesitation Mikayla finally said that all of the titles that she earned were not the result of sleeping with anyone but a result of the work that she had put in. She was also the same girl who said that the kids training to be on their show team did not know how to drive hogs so there may be some truth to what she says when she says that she did not sleep with the judge in order to win her titles.

She seems to be really dedicated to handling her pigs. She says growing up she basically did everything to memorize her animals so that she could tell if they were having a show-worthy day or not, so, okay we’ll give her that. She does seem to totally know what she’s doing and she seems dedicated – not like a girl who just stumbled into pig farming.

However, if we’re going by stereotypes, then yes, Mikayla does look like the type to sleep with a judge. If we’re basing this solely on appearance, her beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed, all-american cheerleader-like appearance would definitely give the impression that she had maybe not been the most virtuous of girls when it came to winning her titles, but, there was no evidence to back up this claim, it’s all based on rumor.

As for the judge, they’re nowhere to be found. So until we can find evidence we’ll just say that it was all based on rumor. This doesn’t mean that Mikayla’s a saint, her, her sister McKenzie, and their Mom, Michelle, are not liked in the pig-showing community and have often been touted as “bitches”… that we have seen evidence of. Who knew the pig showing world was so competive? Stay tuned!!!

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