MTV’s The Real World Season One Reunion!

The new streaming services are crushing it right now when it comes to new shows and content. The Paramount+ channel is really excited about what they have in the works and one of the new shows premiering on March 4 has gotten the eye of Generation X TV watchers.

The Real World New York was the first television show of its kind and MTV had a hit when they aired it. Fans of the show are incredibly excited about the reunion of the cast members and the new trailer for the show promises different drama, but the same New York feel.

The First of Its Kind

1992 was a great year for MTV. Who knew that they would break ground for reality television shows and eventually stop showing music videos? The Real World put seven strangers together in a loft and conducted a social experiment with them.

There were some serious conversations in the house about race, privilege, and sexuality. The cast members were young and some were very naïve and living in the New York for the first time.

The Real World Season One Reunion

The seven strangers who starred in the Real World are Becky Blasband, Norman Korpi, Kevin Powell, Eric Nies, Julie Gentry, Heather B. Gardner, and Andre Comeau. They are coming back to see each other and catch up on what has happened in their lives.

It seems that some of them kept in touch with one another, but there were others who just lost touch all together. The new trailer for the show gives us a good idea of what will we see on this reunion show.

In the trailer, we see the cast all sitting around and sharing some times together. One scene shows Becky saying, “This is going to sound, again, racist, but….” Then Kevin tells her, “The don’t say it!” Julie tells cameras, “It’s 29 years later and we’re still having the same conversations.”

There will be a lot of tears and there is one scene where Julie just storms out of the loft and the cast looks shocked. Norman talks about how all of his friends left him when he came out on the show and it was a very tough time for him.

This series will run for a few episodes and fans of the show are very excited to see it! It is great to see how they have all changed, but stayed the same. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the Parmount+ streaming service premiere of the Real World New York Reunion.

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