Is Demi Lovato TRULY Non-Binary? Alok Vaid-Menon Interview Sheds Troubling Light Into Controversial Claims!

Some fans have expressed concerned about Demi Lovato’s recent declaration of being non-binary, simply because Demi has a habit of taking on the traits of whomever she hangs out with. Right now, that’s someone who also declares themselves as non-binary, a writer and performer named Alok Vaid-Menon.

Who is Alok Vaid-Menon? They seem to be a performance artist and writer who is dedicated to exploring themes of LGBTQIA, race relations, and other various topics in that vein. They were the first guest on Demi’s podcast and according to their website are world reknowned for their accomplishments, although, I must say that I’ve never heard of this person, and I highly doubt anyone else has either.

Is Demi Lovato actually non-binary?

We’re not going to say that Demi isn’t non-binary, because that would be a large, blanket statement and one can’t possibly make that kind of statement when you can’t truly know a person’s internal state of mind, but one disconcerting fact is that at the end of one of Alok’s shows Demi came up to him and asked, “Oh my gosh, is being non-binary when you are healed?”

Oh honey, that’s not the way that works. 

There are plenty of unhealed non-binary people out there that are still working on themselves daily, so, let’s just hope that Demi didn’t think that this was a cure-all for all of their problems because that would just be extrodinarily sad. However if this declaration is helping them discover who they are and has made life easier for them, then, that’s different.

The thing that is concerning about this, if it does happen to be a label that they’ll toss aside later, is that a lot of people felt a huge sigh of relief when Demi came out as non-binary because they felt that maybe, if someone with such a huge platform could be publicly accepted as gender non-conforming, then so could they.

But if this just a label that Demi is adopting out of a fad, or wanting to be like their friend, then that could be potentially harmful to other people who are truly gender non-conforming because people will see it as a “passing phase”, especially in the case of homophobic friends and family who are in denial about people’s self-identity. That could be potentially harmful. We’ll see if this label sticks. Stay tuned!!!

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