Is Chrissy Teigen DONE In Hollywood After Horrific Mean Girl Behavior Exposed In Cyberbullying Scandal?

Chrissy Teigen might want to lay low for a very long time because it looks like she might not have a chance to recover from her cyberbullying scandal.

After it was revealed that she bullied a number of women online ten years ago, branding experts now say that things aren’t looking so good for the former model. At least, not for her career. Here’s what you need to know.

Chrissy has been losing one deal after another after Courtney Stodden revealed that she told her to “go kill herself” back in 2011. Following Macy’s and Target’s decision to ditch her cookware line, Bloomingdale’s has also pulled out on their deal with Chrissy.

Chrissy Teigen Might Not Recover From Her Cyberbullying Scandal

The department store walked away from a deal with Chrissy Teigen, which would see her host a promotional event for the store, because of all the negative headlines about her toxic behavior. Macy’s also pulled Chrissy’s cookware from their site after all of the hate they were getting in the comments section.

Branding expert Mark Borkowski believes that it might be a very long time before we will hear from Chrissy again. He thinks that Chrissy simply won’t be forgiven in the eyes of the public.

“No one tolerates the idea of a bully. Within the business values of many of these brands it causes problems,” Borkowski explained to the New York Post in a recent interview.

“It’s all about authenticity. If you’re found out not to be what you [claim] to be, that always leads to an Icarus moment and everything comes crashing down. One day you’re hot and the next day you’re canceled due to stupidity, arrogance or ego.”

Chrissy’s downfall began when she told Courtney Stodden told her to kill herself in a series of DM’s on Twitter back in 2011. While Chrissy did offer a public apology on Twitter, she still has Courtney blocked.

If that weren’t enough, she also sent hate messages to Farrah Abraham and suggested Lindsay Lohan should slit her wrists. She also fat shamed Mariah Carey while she was pregnant.

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