Demi Lovato Says Weight Loss Compliments Are Damaging

Lovato, 28 who has admitted that in the past she has suffered from an eating disorder has posted on her IG stories that weight loss compliments can be just as damaging to one’s self esteem as comments about weight gain. She says unless you personally know someone’s history with food that it’s best not to comment on their body, even if it’s a well-intended comment.

Simply because that same person whom you perceive as perfect could be sitting up late at night going over these words in their head. Now, to someone who has never had an eating disorder before this way if thinking does not make sense but to someone who has, it does.

Demi Lovato Says Weight Loss Compliments Are Damaging

Especially given Lovato’s history with food. Back as recently as 2018 Lovato was being managed by a team who was so controlling of her food intake that instead of cake for her birthday she had watermelon cake which is a watermelon with whipped topping on it.

She detailed in her youtube documentary “Dancing with the devil” that her team would not allow her to have sugar or any snacks in her dressing room when she would go and do gigs at places. So when it comes from someone who’s history with food is fraught with issues like this you kind of see where she is coming from.

So often, vicitms of eating disorders do a thing called “body checking”, which most recently Eugenia Cooney came under fire for in one of her videos. In the video, which to a non-sufferer from an eating disorder seemed innocuous enough (it was a shoe haul) really triggered a lot of people in the survivor community because they saw all the signs in the video that clearly pointed to body checking, like how Eugenia continually emphasized her legs and the line of her body.

For some it went beyond just a shoe haul, which could have been done without all of the body checking (trust me, I’ve seen shoe hauls) this was a video dedicated to body checking. Of course youtube did nothing about it as they usually do nothing about Cooney’s videos, she’s too big of a deal and gets too much traffic to the website, even with her alleged eating disorder and harmful content mainly directed at underage girls.

So while some may think Lovato’s line of thinking is extreme, she’s not exactly wrong. There are more eating disorder survivors out there than we realize, and it’s about time we strayed away from harmful body imagery anyway. Stay tuned!!!

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