Cleverly Peddled Misogyny, the Case of ‘Seduced’ Star India Oxenberg, NXIVM & Nancy Salzman

Has anyone seen Seduced on Starz? It details how India Oxenburg, daughter of Catherine Oxenburg, got involved in the cult, NXIVM and how Catherine spent 7 years trying to get her daughter out of it. It sounds like something that would have happened on Dynasty back in the day but amazingly, it happened for real.

Back in 2011, Catherine was invited to go to this 5 day intensive, put on by the cult. Supposedly, it was like a business symposium that was supposed to help people getting past all of their professional blockages, as it were. They were supposed to do these things that were almost like therapy… but not.

Cleverly peddaled misogyny

Catherine never used NXIVM for anything more than a way to make more business connections and enhance her acting career. However, her daughter, India, who was only 19 at the time was looking for a deeper meaning in life because she had not found college to be very rewarding.

So she had moved back home with her Mom in order to just get a job and work. That’s not really what ended up happening, however. India ended up getting really involved in the cult, and it all started when they started separating her from her Mom.

Like a true cult, they wasted no time in separating her from her Mother and ended up teasing her about how close she was to her Mom. The first five days wasn’t so bad, but the next time they met which was called a Jness weekend, hosted at Catherine’s house the cult really started singling out India, teasing her for being so much like her Mom, teasing her for wearing clothing that was like her, generally making her feel awkward and bad about being associated with her Mom in any way.

The Jness weekend (I am not sure what that term even means!) was supposedly a women’s empowerment course, but it was actually cleverly packaged misogny. Catherine’s Mother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia came along but said that she hated the entire thing and in hindsight said that she should have been way more rude and said how she actually felt about what was being taught.

The course was taught by Nancy Salzman and she said that it was the first women’s empowerment program designed by a man. And then she started spewing this entire garbage about how men were responsible for women.

Previously, in the five day intensive she had told all of the potential cult members to recite how “I will not choose to be a victim” and drilled it into their heads that everything that happened to them is a choice that they made.

So, and then turned right around and doubled-back on that. Eventually, Catherine found out the troubling child sex abuse allegations about Keith Raniere and decided that she could not take any more courses under Keith at all. However India was not convinced. India became a coach.

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