All About the Tattoos: Exclusive Interview With ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Superfan Sammie Kate!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the cast of your favorite soap around all the time? Well, Sammie Kate, megafan of the Bold and the Beautiful, instagram user, and all around interesting person decided to do just that by getting the faces of the entire Bold and the Beautiful cast as body art! She recently graced DSD wth an interview talking all about her tattoos and the tale was quite interesting. Here is what went down:

Q: How long have you been a fan of B&B?

A: I have been a fan of B&B for about 22 years now, I started watching when I was about 11-12 years old

Q: Who is your favorite character right now? Who is your favorite past character?

A: Ohh that is a really tough question, especially when it comes to past characters. My favourites currently are Bill and Brooke has always been one of my main favourites and past characters it would be a toss up between Stephanie, Sally or Ridge (Ronn Moss), I can never ever pick between the three. Massimo Marone was also a favourite past character of mine.

Q: What has been your favorite plotline of B&B so far?

A: That is also a really really tough question. The Taylor/Prince Omar plotline will forever be a favourite of mine. Every now and then I think of the scenes where Stephanie and Brooke see Taylor for the first time and it still gives me chills to this day. When Thorne found out Macy was alive, that will forever be one of my favourites but I would have to say in recent years the Maya Transgender plotline was honestly perfection!

Q: What made you decide to start getting tattoos of the B&B characters?

A: The whole process of getting B&B portraits tattooed on me has been something that had been in the works for about 9-10 years before I even started getting them put on my body. Obviously, B&B has been a huge part of my life for 20+ years so it only made sense to do it, but when the thought first came to my mind (9-10 years ago) it wasn’t even a serious idea. At the time the TV show LA Ink was massive and that show exposed me to the world of realistic portraits and I remember joking around with my boyfriend at the time about how cool it would be if I got B&B portraits done but never thought I would actually do it. But then over the years the more I thought about it the more I knew it was meant to be and they are some of my favourite pieces that I have on my body. I’m still obsessed with them to this day.

Q:  What was the simplest B&B character to get done?

A: Out of all of them so far, probably Stephanie. Placement wise she was definitely the easiest because I didn’t have to twist my arm into any awkward positions.

Q: What was the most difficult one?

A: Probably Sally, she is on my elbow pit. There were a couple of spots that were a little spicy to get tatooed but totally worth it in the end.

Q: Which was the most painful one? (If the two questions don’t have the same answer, haha!)

A: I have a really high pain tolerance so they were all pain free for me, but out of all of them Sally purely for the little spicy bits

Q: Which one of your tats is your favorite one to look at?

A: Stephanie for sure, and her portrait is the one that most strangers recognise the most as well which is awesome.

Q: Which one do you show off the most?

A: Haha I try to show them all off equally because I’m obsessed with them all. I guess the one that I should show off more is my other portrait of Ridge on my thigh. That portrait was the first B&B one I had done and was also my first ever realistic portrait I had done too so it probably holds the most sentimental value.

Q: Do you have any plans to get more B&B characters?

A: Yes definately! I have one space left on my elbow which I’m getting part of the Forrester Creations building done and then I plan doing a B&B sleeve on my right leg which I am super keen to get started on.

Q: What other soaps or fandoms would you consider getting tats of, if any?

A: So my next tattoo is going to be my Neil Diamond back piece, I am a huuuuge Neil Diamond fan and then I have two South Park tattoos that I am going to get done. I am also currently organising a time to get a tattoo of Fabio (which I guess kind of fits in with B&B haha). I think if Passions was still a thing I would probably get a tattoo of Tabitha and Timmy but for now B&B is the only soap tattoo’s that I will be getting.

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