’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers: Big Ed Brown’s Dog Teddy Might Have a Sixth Sense

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers tells us that, all night long, Teddy, the little poodle companion of Big Ed Brown hung close to Liz and made her to place himself between Liz and Big Ed at all times.

He really did seem to like Liz, so much so that there at the end, right before they bid each other goodnight Teddy was practically leaning his head on her lap and staring warily at Big Ed. I think he was honestly trying to tell his Dad, in the nicest way possible, “Hey Dad, she’s not the one.”

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- And he was right.

Liz was not ready for the moves that Big Ed placed on her. It looks like she’s just not ready for a relationship at all at this point, Liz just wants to hang out as friends and I think she sees Ed as that perpetually non-threatening guy whom she could just hang with.

However, Ed had other ideas, he thought that this was a whole prelude to a relationship. Ed is so overeager for the relationship to begin that it’s off-putting, people can sense desperation from a mile away. Also, Liz has just had two failed marriages so I think he set himself up for failure by dating someone with so much baggage to begin with, Liz needs to be hung out to dry for awhile before she can function in a relationship setting.

Ed lamented the fact that he feels he can’t be himself around women, and maybe that’s just his nature, maybe he’s just overeager and overexcited to the point of it being awkward. Just like the kiss, when he pulled her in for a kiss it wasn’t an effortless, romantic kiss, it was a forced, stilted, sloppy kiss that honestly looked like it offended Liz more than anything.

I think when Teddy was leaning against Liz the whole night, he was, in a way, trying to protect her and tell his Dad to back off, not that Ed picked up on that silent, social cue, but dogs have a way of sensing people’s energy and it was pretty clear that there was something about Liz’s energy that just wasn’t melding with Ed’s, and Teddy knew it. Perhaps Ed should start listening to the little guy more often. Stay tuned!!!

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