’90 Day Fiancé’: Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr Update

There has been quite a bit of controversy around the relationship of Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr. The couple appeared on 90 Day Fiancé and it seemed like Ryan was just using her for money. Shortly after the show aired, Stephanie made some allegations that Ryan had sexually assaulted her while they were filming.

She ended up breaking up with him while he was in Belize and then she ended up sleeping with his cousin, Harris Flowers. Stephanie didn’t get invited to the Tell-All which didn’t shock many viewers, but she has been doing online updates on social media about her relationship with Ryan.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Stephanie and Her Own Tell-All

Stephanie seems to really want to gain attention from her tell-alls on Instagram. She admitted that she did the show for fame and for her business to grow. She also mentioned that the producers were manipulating her to do the show even though she told them that she and Ryan had broken up. She said that the editing made her look like she was on drugs even though she was just exhausted from filming.

There have been rumors that Stephanie and Ryan are technically still legally engaged and that the K-1 visa paperwork is still in the process. She told her fans, “They are letting it go to Decemeber 2021.” She also mentioned that she wants nothing more to do with him, but that paperwork is still in circulation. It seems that Stephanie has gotten herself in quite the bind with Ryan. She is worried that if he does get his K-1 visa, he will still have to come to the states in order to get everything taken care of.

Ryan has two sisters that live in the states and he could possibly just stay with them if he is approved. One of them lives in Florida and one is in California. Stephanie has told her fans that she wants to date again, but this time, a man “with a much higher level of maturity.” She has talked about how she will never date someone from 90 Day Fiancé and how she just needs to heal from all of this trauma first.

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