’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Mike & Natalie Ruined by Coronavirus?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Natalie Mordotseva and Mike Youngquist joined a million other couples that were set to get married in 2020 and had their wedding plans ruined by COVID-19. That’s right, Ukraine shut the borders, meaning no one could get in or out, and that included Natalie’s Mom.

Poor Natalie, she was so upset that she had to call her Mom and tell her that it was official that she couldn’t attend her wedding. But maybe in a way, COVID prevented Natalie’s Mom from the trouble of coming all the way here and seeing a wedding that no one was sure about. It’s a long trip from the Ukraine to the US, and to come to a wedding that may or may not have happened anyway would be a real spirit dampener.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ruined by Coronavirus?

Not that I’m silver-lining a pandemic, because COVID sucked for everyone, it was awful and we all hope that it’ll be on its way out soon. However, there’s some things to take into consideration. Natalie has already said that her Mom is on the elderly side, and has worried about her heart before, so perhaps a plane trip isn’t the best idea anyway.

Least of all one during a pandemic. Even in normal times, I would make sure that her Mom was cleared by a doctor before boarding a plane all the way to the US. And please, if that does happen could someone from the TLC production team spring  for a first class seat for Mama? That’d be nice. She deserves at least that much.

Still, I would hate to make an entire plane ride all the way from the Ukraine just to see Mike freeze out Natalie in real time. Speaking of which, maybe this is saving Natalie some of the embarassment that she keeps trying to hide from her Mom whenever her Mom asks how things are going.

She hasn’t said how bad things are with Mike yet, she hasn’t said how he holds everything over her head and holds things against her, when Natalie called her crying this time she didn’t tell her anything detailing any of their fights, but Mama asked her, “Is there anything wrong over there?” because I’m guessing like all Moms, she has a sixth sense.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie’s Mom knew without Natalie ever having said anything to Mike that something was off between them. Now we get to see how the final countdown plays out. Stay tuned!!!

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