’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Did Stepanka Matto date Big Ed’s evil twin?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that in Stepanka’s latest video, she goes into details about a guy that she dated slightly before the pandemic, a guy that sounds amazingly like her Before the 90 days co-star, Big Ed Brown. Of course, some details don’t make sense and don’t match up with Big Ed, but some of them do and it just makes us wonder.

First off, she said that she found the guy in question on a dating app, as we all know, Big Ed is only 4-6 dating apps at any given time. He’s also on other social media, like instagram, and sometimes people hook up ‘on the gram’ but Steph says she used a dating app, we’ll believe her, for now.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Did Stepanka date Big Ed’s evil twin?

She also said that the guy was short and had a ‘Dad Bod’, which is apparently her type. Although, she did go on to say that physically, he turned out to be not really her cup of tea, okay, we could see that. However, he had a great personality (we all have to admit, we had hope for Ed in the beginning) and ended up being a master manipulator (that part is what made my ears perk up, initially), he knew how to get her over to his house and knew which emotional buttons to press to get her to decorate for Christmas for him.

She also said that he knew how to hook her just enough so that when he initially ghosted her, she got needy. Then after they decorated for Christmas (which he didn’t help with at all, by the way), he told her that she would have to leave early because his daughter was coming over.

Stepanka said she felt weird about that, no mention of the daughter’s age or anything but she said the man was almost 50 (if you remember, Ed had an outdated age on his dating profile at one point that said he was about a decade younger than he actually was.), no word on how old the daughter was but since Steph felt a little weird about it, I’ll assume that they were close in age.

Also, Stephanie said that she was fine with never meeting her, which is kind of odd but understandable, if they’re close in age his daughter might actually know who she is, worse yet, be a subscriber to her youtube channel, or even more mortifying, her only fans.

Then she said after the Christmas time hang out he ghosted her for a few days, and then she got a weird message, a weird message from what she described as an extremely fake looking account, from a 21 year old who claims to have dated this same guy, whow was now name dropping her as the reason that his marriage had broken up.

She said that she thought it might have been the guy himself fishing for information but that is odd. I mean there are a few things that point to how it could be Ed, but there are other things that say it wasn’t, like two holes in that theory are he was married, and as we all know, Big Ed lives on the wrong coast to be Stepanka’s guy.

However, it does beg the question if Big Ed has an evil twin out there that was actually married and stringing along younger girls, because it kind of sounds like a play out of his book. Stay tuned!!!

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