Tiger Woods Posts First Pic of Himself On Crutches After Car Crash

As we all know, Tiger Woods was in a very serious car accident on Feb 23rd, 2021, when his car rolled over. He sustained multiple open fractures in his right leg in the tibia area and also damaged his foot and ankle, he had to have surgery for these injuries and it was speculated on whether or not his injuries would be career-ending.

However, there may be a bright spot because on his IG page he posted the first pics of himself on his own golf-course, on crutches and in a walking boot saying that his course is coming along faster than he is.

Tiger Woods posts first pic of himself

For the most part, Woods has been quiet on social media since his accident back in February. However last week he tweeted a congrats to the new Masters’ Champion “Hideki Matsumaya, and last week tweeted about his own short course, “The Hay” which officially opened at Pebble Beach on April 16th.

There’s still some question as to whether or not he’ll ever be able to return to his own golfing career and it looks like he has a long road of rehab ahead of him. But he looked to be in good spirits on the course and he was walking with his dog, so even if the road is long it looks like he’s trying to get back to a semblance of normal.

In fact, in an article by Dr. Bill Mallon, a PGA Golfer turned Orthopedic surgeon he said that Woods might just be able to make a full recovery and eventually return to golf but that the recovery time would take at least a year. That seems like a realistic goal.

So while Tiger may not be fully down for the count yet, there’s a chance that it could take the better part of this year – and next year, in rehab and monitoring his health closely. With injuries like this, it’s easy to get arthritis or infections and as long as none of those two things set in (it looks like he may be out of the woods infection-wise at least) then he could be alright to return to his beloved sport.

Until then he’ll probably keep himself busy, monitoring construction on his golf course and walking daily with his dog. Hey, dogs are an important healing factor. Stay tuned!!!

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