‘The Blended Bunch’ Spoilers: The New Enormous Family We Never Knew We Needed

‘The Blended Bunch’ spoilers find that TLC looks to be replacing the scandal-magnets known as the Duggars for a new huge family. And audiences are getting on board with it.

TLC first introduced audiences to the ultra-religious Duggar family when 17 Kids and Counting hit our screens way back in 2008.

By the time Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar and their brood were removed from the TLC line up, seven seasons and two extra kids later, the family had become embroiled in a series of controversies, which only continued to mar the ‘good Duggar name’ when the spin-off, Counting On, took the place of the original reality series.

‘The Blended Bunch’ Spoilers: Look out, Duggars- there’s a new family in town.

Reality fans were introduced to a new TLC family, the Shemwells this week when The Blended Bunch premiered. Think the Brady Bunch without the affable Alice, but with some serious ex-partner trauma, step-sibling rivalry and a douchey brother who seems like a jealous ex-boyfriend now that his sister has moved on from the death of her first husband.

Erica and Spencer Shemwell were both widowed quite young. Erica lost her husband to cancer, after the young couple had birthed seven kids in under ten years. Spencer’s wife died in a car accident leaving four kids without a mother. Spencer and Erica met on an online grief group.

When Spencer took the chance and moved his kids to Utah, the couple gave their relationship ago and were married six weeks after their first kiss.

This doesn’t sit well with super skeptical Quinn, Erica’s brother who was instantly cast as the villain of the show. Nothing Spencer can do, including taking on an extra seven kids and working his tail off to provide, pleases Quinn who is weirdly engrained in his sister’s life. It’s not that he’s too involved…it’s just in a strange, ‘ex-boyfriend’ seeming way that creeped audiences out.

The stars of the show are the rowdy kids, all 11 crammed into 4 bedrooms, all still trying to come to terms with the fact that their remaining parent has moved on…and brought a slew of new kids into their lives.

The reality series has all the hallmarks of an instant hit, with relatable issues rather than Duggar style teenaged weddings, sexual abuse scandals, paycheck thefts and other issues we just don’t want to see on our screens anymore!

Catch the Blended Bunch on TLC, Tuesdays at 9pm ET

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