‘The Bachelorette’: Zac Clark Backs Tayshia Adams To Shine As Chris Harrison’s Replacement

Zac Clark has backed Tayshia Adams to do well as she gets ready to take over Chris Harrison as the host of The Bachelorette

‘The Bachelorette’: Zac Clark Backs Tayshia Adams To Shine As Chris Harrison’s Replacement

Chris’ sudden decision to vacate his role opened a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to take over the mantle. And Tayshia’s bubbly personality made her the perfect candidate for that role. In an interview with Us Weekly, he backed her to do well despite the apparent nerves. He said: “I think when people are given big opportunities in life, there’s always going to be nerves, right?

“No matter what that is. … I don’t think you get used to, you know, all these eyeballs being on yourself.” Zac had reportedly visited Tayshia on the set to allay her fears. It seems that Zac is focused on allowing Tayshia to find her own space and be the best that she can be. They were accused in the early parts of their relationship of being too apart in their outlook, but with time, they are entirely behind each other.

He added: “You know, for me, it’s just important to know that she’s loved and supported, no matter what she’s doing.” But it is not just Tayshia who is busy with her projects. Zac has something to keep him occupied too. After all, he needs structure in his life, given the troubles he has had previously due to substance abuse. With a stable routine, he is keeping himself on the straight and narrow. So what is Zac up to?

He has set his eyes on some running. He has signed onto a new initiative entitled the Goggins Challenge. This is where participants agree to run a distance of four miles, every four hours for 48 hours. Such a task is not one to be taken lightly, but it is for a good cause.

Zac is hoping to raise money for a charity called Release Recovery Foundation, which helps people who have suffered from substance problems in finding scholarships. It is a cause that Zac is very close to. He continued: “If I can be some type of representation of the life that is available to those who are currently struggling … I’ve hit the jackpot.” 

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