‘The Bachelorette’: Dale Moss Refuses To Confirm His Relationship Status- ‘Everyone Will Know In Due Time’

Dale Moss continues to tease his fans over his relationship status with Clare Crawley, despite the overwhelming evidence to suggest they have reconciled.

‘The Bachelorette’: Dale Moss Refuses To Confirm His Relationship Status- ‘Everyone Will Know In Due Time’

They initially split after there were suggestions that Dale may have been unfaithful. While he denied those rumours, the two still parted ways. But they were recently spotted together, having dinner, as well as reportedly kissing each other. Dale, though, is in no rush to reveal all. During an interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast, Dale stated how he is looking to take things as they come.

He said: “We’re just living life, and we’re doing it and being present with one another. It’s been great to go about it that way. Everyone will know in due time.” This hesitancy has led to criticism from some fans. After all, the two had split for barely a month before they had allegedly gotten back together. Not only that, the manner of the split left a bitter taste in the mouth, as the feud spread into the wider family.

Dale’s sister was particularly hostile towards Clare. But as for Dale, he is taking it in his stride. He added: “Clare and I love each other. We love each other tremendously. That was never a question. If you love and care for someone, regardless of what happens, if it’s meant to be, you’ll find yourself back together at some point.”

Naturally, the question remaining on everyone’s lips was, are the duo engaged? This should come as no surprise, given that Clare was spotted with an engagement ring on her finger. Dale admitted to giving it to her and confirmed that she still cherishes it, but he did not categorically state whether they were engaged.

He continued: “What I’ve always said, as we work through things, [is] if we’re together, we’re together. If we’re not, we’re not…we’re just working through things and supporting one another. And taking it as it comes.” Until an official announcement is made, there will always be a doubt about where the two stand. But as for the fans, it looks clear to them that they are back together.

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