The Bachelor: Reality Steve BUSTS Matt James Playing Two Women

The Bachelor find things are heating up since reality television blogger who goes by the handle Reality Steve dropped news that ex-Bachelor Matt James was seen in New York with his final rose winner and ex-girlfriend, Rachael Kirconnell.

While no one refuted the fact that Rachael and Matt were in NYC together, “sources” spoke to publications like People Magazine to say they were just seeing each other as friends and that Matt was there to support Rachael. Support her with what? It wasn’t clarified.

The Bachelor: Reality Steve Busts Matt James Playing Two Women

Now Reality Steve is calling BS on those reports. He has been speaking with someone from Rachael’s “Camp” and though he won’t reveal the name of his source, other than to say it is not Rachael’s mother or cousin, many believe Steve is talking to Rachael herself.

The Bachelor: Whoever it is, they have some piping hot tea to spill.

Apparently, Matt has been somewhat seeing a woman in Miami named Grace. When Grace declined an invitation to go to a party with Matt, and then, in lieu of that, spend alone time with the reality star, Matt went ahead and unfollowed her.

As an old lady in her 40’s, I have to presume an unfollow would constitute me saying “burn!”. Matt then promptly flew Rachael out to New York on his dime. She was in the Big Apple for one reason only, to be with Matt.

According to Reality Steve’s source, Matt and Rachael have FaceTimed daily since The Bachelor finale aired on March 15 with Matt telling Rachael he loves her and wants to work on their relationship.

Unfollowed Grace saw the same reports we did about Matt and Rachael being together in New York and called Matt on it. He denied anything other than a platonic relationship.

Reality Steve then decided to meddle a little further and inform Rachael’s “camp” about Grace’s existence. When Rachael confronted Matt, she got the same party line he had given Grace about Rachael!!!

Rachael didn’t believe Matt. She picked up her stylishly packed suitcase and got out of there post haste, staying with another contestant she had befriended during season 25 of The Bachelor (Who? We don’t know). Then, Rachael contacted Grace herself and the two women compared notes!!!!

I’m pretty sure we can go back to the headline that Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnel are NOT in a relationship!

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