Ryan Reynolds Is Thinking Of Traumatizing His ‘Baby Shark’ Addicted One-Year-Old With This Movie

Ryan Reynolds is a man who likes to joke, but he may be on to something with this new post. If you’ve had a young child in the last 5 years or so, you’re probably familiar with ‘Baby Shark’. Hell, even if you don’t have a kid you probably know the madness of this song.

Apparently, Reynolds’ one-year-old daughter is addicted to ‘Baby Shark’, much like any other small children and he may have found a way to fix it. In a new Instagram post, Reynolds shared some images of his wife’s film, ‘The Shallows’, where she is stalked by a shark in the ocean.

“My one year old daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark. All day. Every day. There’s only one way to fix this”

See the full post here.

Ryan Reynolds Is Thinking Of Traumatizing His ‘Baby Shark’ Addicted One-Year-Old With This Movie

Not only would this be traumatizing for any young child, but especially for one who is obsessed with ‘Baby Shark’! This would be doubled down upon when their child realizes that it’s their mother on-screen being attacked by the shark.

Obviously, this is a joke, and we doubt that Reynolds would do this to his one-year-old, but the hilarious post is getting a lot of attention. “Childhood trauma does go a long way”, “Well that’s one way to introduce her to mommy’s movies”, “Baby shark grew up, and tried to eat mommy! Do you still love baby shark?”, “Bout to rock this child’s mentality and give them some small childhood trauma” and “Oh let’s watch mommy swimming, she’s a great …. is that a shark? I’m pretty sure is friendly, *Ryan looks direct at the camera and whispers*: “Not”.

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