Lynne Spears Adds Herself As a Person of Interest In Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

We’ve all been wondering all this time where Britney Spears’ Mom is, and why she can’t wrest control away from Jamie Spears, her controlling Father. Well, now it looks like, in spite of not being the wealthiest woman on the block, Lynne has decided to add herself as a person of interest on Britney’s conservatorship.

Gee, took ya long enough, Mom! 

She hasn’t come out and publicly stated anything, and we really don’t know anything about hers and Britney’s personal relationship. We do know from the documentary “Framing Britney” that Lynne was the primary parent while Britney was growing up and did a lot of the traveling on the road with her.

Lynne Spears adds herself as a person of interest in Britney’s conservatorship

Tangently related, Lynne was slated to write a book on parenting when younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears was coming up but then the book got cancelled when Jamie Lynn Spears ended up pregnant with her own daughter at the age of 16.

After that, Lynne seemed to sort of fade from the spotlight, so maybe that had something to do with why she wasn’t involved much with Britney’s case. (After all, we all know how southern conservatives feel about young, unwed mothers. Ahem.)

Although, one could say that she had a funny way of showing how much she cared about her daughter when as recently as a few months ago she was spotted at a club in Texas dancing along to one of Britney’s songs while Britney herself was at home in California, literally waiting on her Dad to give the okay for her to indulge in any clubbing.

(And so far he hasn’t, ever, to our knowledge. Unless Britney is performing at the club, then she has never been spotted out just dancing and having a good time, at least not after her conservatorship was in place.)

Judge Penney, the judge in Britney’s case recently approved Lynne’s lawyers (A Louisiana firm by the name of Gladstone) and approved them to file petitions and such. Most recently, Lynne filed a petition saying that Britney’s lawyer fees and other charges coming out of her estate should be closely looked into by the court, because they’re charging almost a million dollars for just four months worth of work.

Yike!!! Lynne wants an itemized receipt of what exactly is going on with Britney’s money and she is demanding that the charges be repaid back to Britney’s estate. Go, Mom!

She alleged that having Jamie Spears’ attorney appear on a national media tour talking about the conservatorship held no value whatsoever and Britney should not have been charged at all because the lawyer is not her own lawyer, it’s her Dad’s lawyer and it’s an employee that she doesn’t even want. Sounds like Lynne is carefully looking out for her daughters’ finances.

There is also the fact that Vivienne Thorin, Jamie Spears’ lawyer, has literally no media experience. She just kind of inserted herself into this national media tour so she could get her 15 minutes of fame and she is charging $900 an hour.

(Study hard kids, and maybe one day you can go to law school and learn how to fleece your own celebrity clientele!) Lynne thinks that they are overcharging Britney and I think we can all agree that she has a point. We’ll keep you updated – Stay tuned!!!

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