JoJo Siwa Cries Over Long Distance Relationship

If you know JoJo Siwa then you will know that on her IG she touts herself as the ‘happiest human alive’ and for the most part that’s true. Just recently she posted pictures of her and girlfriend Kylie Prue at Disneyland on her IG page, having fun and riding all the rides. (Taking advantage of those short lines, eh Jojo?)

Lately however, she posted a picture of herself to her IG story, sobbing, with the caption, “I don’t like saying goodbye” fans were speculating on whether or not she and girlfriend Kylie Prue were splitsville, but as it turns out that was not true! Jojo came on an IG live later to say that she was actually fine but that since she and Kylie are in a long-distance relationship and Kylie had to go home that day.

JoJo Siwa cries over long distance relationship

Poor Jojo! Whenever she talks about Kylie you can see just how in love she is, she always speaks of her glowingly in that charming, first-love kind of way. It’s awesome to see. Jojo went on to say in her live that she wishes that she never had to say goodbye to Kylie, but when she does it makes seeing each other all that more special.

Awww! Jojo reassured her fans by saying that she was okay, but that this was all a reality of long-distance relationships, and that’s the gospel truth. If one has ever done long distance (or even pandemic) dating, then one truly knows Jojo’s pain. (I’m guessing a lot of 90 day couples can relate, ha!)

Lots of her fans were posting on her IG story in solidarity, saying that they felt her pain. I think we all do, it’s heartbreaking to see the happiest human alive post a sobbing photo of herself to IG, especially one so young! Fortunately, her followers were all very supportive during her sad time.

The good thing is, they’ll likely see each other again pretty soon, considering the world is getting vaccinated and the CDC guidelines are being relaxed. We wish Jojo and Kylie all the luck in the world together, and hope they can see each other again soon. Stay tuned!!!

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