E! ‘Total Bellas’: Nikki Bella And Brie Bella Give Their Best Parental Tips

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella have given their top tips on how to be the best parent that you can be.

E! ‘Total Bellas’: Nikki Bella And Brie Bella Give Their Best Parental Tips

And Brie began with the most critical question of all: whether you should pick up a baby when it is crying or leave it? In an interview with Us Weekly, Brie spoke on how she preferred to do the former. She said: “I feel like [it’s a] Do. It’s like, OK, it’s just being a little fuss and needs its independence. Then you put it right down.” The duo have received a lot of flack for how they have brought up their kids.

The sisters are no strangers to controversy, though, given their well-publicised life caused by their appearances in the wrestling world. Naturally, they have experienced abuse on social media, but that has not let it get to them. As to whether you should respond to the criticism, she stated: “Don’t. There are a few times I’ve wanted to, but Brie is like, ‘Don’t.’ And you’re right. I’m not even gonna give them the energy.”

The sisters may smile, but they can have a mean streak when they need to, and that is precisely what they do when their children step out of line. Nikki expanded on an incident that happened at a supermarket, which forced her to end it there and then. She revealed: “My daughter had one at Whole Foods, and it was loud and embarrassing. I sat back and watched it for 10 minutes.

“This man came up and asked, ‘Are you gonna keep crying?’ And the fear in her eyes when she saw it, never again has she done it.” The two sisters were not just competitive in the wrestling world, but that has also extended to their respective babies. They were almost born at the same time, which begs the question, whose came first: the answer, Nikki’s.

When speaking on the birth, she tweeted: “I beat her. As you can imagine, everyone said it was my baby and mines competitive side that kicked in. I can’t wait for our Bellas Boys to grow up together!” With Nikki and Brie being such strong characters, their kids will undoubtedly know who is in charge.

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