Demi Lovato’s Unseen Documentary

If you’ve watched “Demi Lovato – Dancing with the Devil” you’ll know that back in 2018, Demi Lovato and her team had an entire documentary filmed. You’ll also know that this Dancing with the Devil is also not her first foray into making documentaries about her life, she has had two previous ones, staring in 2012.

However, this one seems to be the be all and end all and is much more honest in flavor than the other two. The other two seemed to be focused more on the business side of her life than her actual personal life, but this one is decidedly more raw and very personal.

Demi Lovato’s unseen documentary

She says her problems started when she was a young girl, she was the product of an abusive home life. Her Mom said that she didn’t realize until it was too late that Demi had actually been affected by the abuse that Demi’s Father had dealt her, and that she probably needed to be working with a professional long before any of this ever happened.

She said that Demi was self-medicating, and that she herself had tried the same thing once with Xanax. Demi’s own Father was an addict, who had bipolar and schizophrenia, he died around Father’s Day but was not found until a week and a half later, as you can probably guess, by then there was no way the family could have an open casket. Demi never got to say a proper goodbye to her Father.

However this other documentary, the one that we only get to see bits and pieces of throughout Dancing with the Devil, didn’t focus on that, rather it focused a lot on Demi’s professional life.

She also says that at the time when this was being filmed that no one knew she was using hard drugs, they just thought that she was drinking socially and smoking the occassional blunt, however what they didn’t know was that on one particularly miserable day for Demi she had drank some red wine, and then went to a party and met her former dealer, he had brought a duffle bag full of ‘wares’ if you will, and she had gone on a ‘shopping spree’, that was the first time she had tried meth.

Two weeks later, she was doing heroine and crack cocaine, and before she knew it she was physically dependant on it. Eventually this culminated in her 2018 overdose.

While I will say the previously filmed 2018 doumentary does look more polished, the new, 2021 documentary has a lot more real, raw emotion behind it and is therefore more compelling. So far the first episode was a pretty gripping tale. Stay tuned!!!

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