Chris Noth tells fans not to believe the tabloids- Is Big coming back to Sex and The City?

Sex and the City fans have had their emotions take a wild ride since the announcement that the beloved 90’s series is getting a reboot.

Elation ran rampant over social medial at the promise of the HBO Max new incarnation- “And just Like that…”, named after a well-used Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) quote. The elation tempered as we were all warned the show wasn’t even in pre-production yet so it would be a while before we got to see our favorite New York Ladies- Carrie, Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) Miranda Hobbs Brady (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) back on our screens.

Chris Noth tells fans not to believe the tabloids- Is Big coming back to Sex and The City?

Our racing hearts grew slower still as it was announced that Cattrall , who infamously did not get along with her co-stars, would not be joining the reboot in her iconic Samantha Jones role. In fact, Samantha won’t be in the new HBO Max series at all.

But our hearts truly broke when we all learned Chris Noth will not be reprising his Mr. Big character–aka, the love of Carrie Bradshaw’ (Sarah Jessica Parker) life. Aka, the whole dam reason we watched 6 seasons of Carrie getting it wrong!But there is a rumbling that all might not be lost. And it’s coming directly from Noth himself!

Very innocently this weekend, Noth posted a photo of a red fox that had wandered into his back yard. Welp, SATC fans wanted nothing to do with furry woodland creatures and went directly to whining at Noth or begging him to change his mind about reprising his Big role.

And Noth responded!



Of course, Noth’s responses triggered a firestorm of replies and questions with many fans being afraid to get their hopes up until they see something a little more official than a few cryptic comments on an Instagrammed picture of a fox!

So, while nothing is confirmed, it’s looking like Big and Carrie’s love story isn’t completely over. Here’s hoping we get official casting news soon. And just like that… we can all stand tall in out Manolo Blahniks, clutch a cosmopolitan in our hands and profess from the top of the Empire State Building that true love DOES exist!

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