Britney Spears Breaks Silence, Finally Speaks Out On ‘Framing Britney’

After weeks and weeks of saying nothing at all, Britney Spears has finally taken to instagram to address the documentary that was released back in January about her life, “Framing Britney”, and her post has an interesting insight into what she thinks about the documentary.

She says she didn’t actually sit down and watch the whole thing but from what she did see, she was ashamed and embarassed by the light that they put her in and basically that dancing is her coping mechanism because it makes her feel alive, of course she posted this alongside a video of her dancing, which is a lot of her content these days.

Ashamed of ‘Framing Britney’? Britney Spears finally speaks out

She says that she cried for two weeks straight about the documentary and that sometimes she still cries. If that is indeed true then that is sad and I’m hoping that she just missed the point of what that documentary was about. However, a lot of fans are speculating that this largely disjointed post may have been written by Britney’s team and not Britney herself.

In fact a few fans have actually commented and said that there was no way that she was the one actually behind the post, because we were given the impression that she was okay with the documentary at first. Now this post comes out?

Make it make sense! 

This is why Britney herself needs to speak up, or at least do an authorized documentary herself. Instagram posts just aren’t cutting it, no one believes anything she says anymore. There was talk of Britney sitting down with Oprah a couple weeks ago but there’s a lot of legal hoops that have to be jumped through before that can happen, namely, she needs to get that conservatorship revoked ASAP.

However, it looks like that is never going to happen at this point. One wonders if Britney is really suffering under this conservatorship or if it’s what her team has been playing at all along and saying that all of this is just a conspiracy theory and that Britney actually needs this measure in place in her life.

Way to send mixed messages there, Brit. We at DSD will keep you posted on any further Britney developments. Stay tuned!!!

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