Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Going To Get Married?

Blake Shelton looks like he will marry Gwen Stefani, and by the sounds of it, a wedding could be on the cards very soon. 

When Will Blake Shelton Marry Gwen Stefani?

Blake initially proposed to Gwen at the back end of last year, but the wedding did not go ahead due to the pandemic. That is why Blake is keen to get a move on. In an interview on the Today With Hoda & Jenna show, Blake revealed how he is looking to do it in the summer. He said: “I’m afraid if she and I wait until next November, then I’m right back into The Voice cycle again. And I really want to be able to have plenty of time before and after. So hopefully this summer now.”

So who will attend the wedding? Well, there is no surprise that fellow Voice judge Adam Levine has previously commented on how he would be up to sing at the wedding. He is no stranger to that. After all, he famously did it at a real wedding in his music video for Maroon 5 and their song entitled ‘Sugar.’ But there was another surprise name.

Step forward, Miley Cyrus. She had also offered herself to perform. So what does Blake think of it all? Well, he is hopeful that they can all come good. He added: “It’s starting to sound like a Coachella lineup here all of a sudden. I’ve got all these superstars saying they’re going to do it. I hope so. I don’t know.” Aside from the wedding, what are Blake’s plans for the future?

It seems once the wedding is done, he will take a step back and focus on spending some quality time with Gwen. He is very keen on settling down and making some happy memories. As for his plans on The Voice, here is what he had to say: “We’ve both pretty much, you know, taken it to the limit as far as our careers go. And touring and now the television thing. It’s been fortunate to accomplish a lot of things.”

It is good to see Blake and Gwen being so happy together. And long may that continue. If you enjoyed reading this article, then please make sure you check out our other features on the Daily Soap Dish. Please also visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favourite daytime television soaps.

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