Addison Rae Gets MAJOR Backlash for Comparing Her Life To Britney Spears!

Upon watching the “Framing Britney” documentary, Addison Rae commented that she could see parallels between her and Britney’s life. Saying that sometimes people come up with narratives that aren’t true about you and that she has personally dealt with that a lot, people being involved in really personal aspects of her life. However, across social media some fans are calling her out for that.

They say that Britney is completely different to Addison, and for the most part, they’re right. Instead of people chasing after and hounding Addison like they did Britney Spears, Addison has the chance to control her own narrative, Britney never did back in the day.

Addison Rae gets backlash for Britney comparisons

It’s the same with all of the new wave youtube and tiktok stars that are coming out. They are actively inviting the court of public opinion onto their social media and letting the people decide whethe they’re famous or not.

Whereas Britney really had to do a lot of behind-the-scene prep work and be textbook perfect before anyone deemed her ‘famous’ and the amount of control that her team had turned out to be a detriment to her.

Addison doesn’t have those worries by comparison. 

Addison has also been rumored to actually notify paparrazzi about herself, whereas Britney, at least to our knowledge, never did that. She just found herself on the other end of the camera lens way too often back in the day.

(Mostly because photos of her would sell for over a million dollars at one point.) However, on the other hand it really wouldn’t be right to invalidate Addison’s experience completely. No, she didn’t rise through the ranks the same way that Britney did, but to say that she’s not a legit celebrity or VIP wouldn’t exactly be right either.

The media landscape has changed and fame can and does indeed come from anywhere these days, and that’s all thanks to ever growing social media engagement – it literally only takes 15 seconds these days, thanks to TikTok.
We do see Addison’s point, and on a very basic level we can see why she would relate to Britney, but the situation is, as lots of fans have pointed out, completely different for the two. Addison has semi-control over her narrative, Britney’s still fighting for hers. Stay tuned!!!

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