Addison Rae Accused of Cheating On Bryce Hall

A few months ago, Bryce Hall was accused of cheating on Addison Rae because he was spotted at Saddle Ranch buying flowers for the table of Tana Mongeau and Josie Conseco. Addison had showed up later that same night with Dixie D’Amelio, without Bryce, and had tweeted out, “Buying flowers for myself, what should I order?” which is just shade galore.

Afterward, it was also rumored that he cheated on Addison at a party in Las Vegas, however one of the girls that was there has since come out and said that Bryce was actually pretty royal that night and said that from where she was sitting there was nothing going on. Interesting.

Addison Rae accused of cheating on Bryce Hall?

Now it seems the tables are turned because at the Jake Paul fight, Addison was there but instead of with Bryce she was with singer Jack Harlow.

It’s really amazing what some people can gather off of one photo of those two together with just her placing her hand on his chest, but maybe “some people” is code for “just Bryce” because literally no one was batting and eyelash until Bryce Hall started losing it on Twitter once he saw these pictures of them at the fight together. So much so that Addison literally had to tweet, “I’m single.”

Bryce was losing it, saying that Addison had previously told him that she loved him and now he was spotting her out with this other guy, “I’m about to explode man” was his initial tweet about the matter. However, in the new Sway LA reality show, he talked about his breakup with Addison. So what is the real story here?

He also said that he initially didn’t want to put anything out there on social media about it, but now he’s the first one crying foul? Addison did slip and mention that they had broken up in an interview about her song “obsessed” but she didn’t mention names, she just said her ex-boyfriend and then quickly amended it to ‘boyfriend at the time’. It was social media who made the connection that she and Bryce had broken up.

Bryce, however, has done everything to drag her name through the mud on his reality show, calling her insecure and saying that she never trusted him… and then turns around and says that he didn’t want to take it to social media?

Something isn’t adding up. As far as trust goes, from what it sounds like he didn’t give her much reason to trust him in the first place. In the world of online influencers, high school never ends. Stay tuned!!!

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