’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: New 90 day spinoff ordered

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that, at this point, Discovery+ should just declare itself “The 90DF Universe” and be done with it. They have ordered up another series starring the 90 day fiancé cast members, this time it will be focusing on their culinary talents. It’s called, 90 day fiancé: Foody call.

Yes, I am completely serious. The couples will consist of Tania and Syngin, David and Annie, Robert and Anny, Russ and Pao, Loren and Alexei, and Sasha and Emily. The series will premiere May 29th.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: New 90 day spinoff ordered

Personally, the only ones whom I trust to cook food on this show will be David and Annie because they had their own cooking show on facebook watch last year. (Does anybody know what happened with that?)

I trust that Alexei will body shame everyone who isn’t cooking everything completely from scratch and will brand all the food “junk” and instantly throw it in the trash when it doesn’t meet his body building standards, poor Emily, sitting there and apologizing for him to the crew will be real awkward. (I’m still not over his whole grocery rant from last year, sorry.)

It’s amazing that Tania and Syngin actually cook but here we are, I’m sure that whatever these dishes are will be pretty exotic. The ones I look forward to is Robert and Anny, not sure about the quality of the food but those two promise to be a laugh a minute on-screen.

The couples will also answer viewer questions while they cook these meals, stuff that fans have been dying to know, like their most embarrassing moments with their new families, or the weirdest new cultural thing they’ve encountered with their new spouse.

Still not convinced? Apparently it took awhile to get everyone on board when they originally pitched the show. Producer Matt Sharpe said that they had had the idea for years, but no one had been interested until now.

Even then, it was quite tricky to film during a pandemic with all the strict filming guidelines going on. Still, it was a niche that quarantine opened up because more people are cooking at home now due to being quarantined, so… hey!

I’m kind of amazed that Mike and Natalie weren’t asked to be on this show, because Natalie has posted several cooking videos on her own channel but perhaps that’s alluding to something that hasn’t been revealed yet. We’ll see how this new spinoff goes. Stay tuned!!!

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