Why Youtuber Tana Mongeau Should Stick To Storytimes!

In a recent video, Tana Mongeau decided to sublimate her rage at being broken up with by two guys at the same time by doing a promo for Wildfox clothing on her channel. While the clothes were cool looking, the video lacked one specific Tana Mongeau quality that we all tune into her videos for, and that was a storytime.

She alluded to the fact that she was being broken up with by two guys at once and she seemed to be lamenting that – okay sometimes it’s just too soon. But the thing is, Tana is good at one thing and one thing only, and that is re-telling her wild life in a way that only Tana can.

Stick to Storytimes, Tana!

This is one of those storytimes that I hope she isnt saving for whatever book she’s writing (or not writing, I can’t imagine Tana actually sitting down long enough to write anything.) because her story about being broken up with by two guys at once honestly sounded pretty intriguiging and I don’t see why she couldn’t have incorporated that into the try-on haul but perhaps she was just trying to do a nice, non-scandalous promo for wildfox. She did say that they were the only clothing company sponsor that hadn’t dropped her so there’s that.

She also said that her next video will be with Harry Jowsey but she said she didn’t think it would be up for more than 24 hours. Well, it’s not up yet unless I missed something. (I subscribe so anything new would show up in my newsfeed.) I kind of wondered if Harry and Tana were a thing at one point but then I think she implied that he was dating someone else?

I thought it was a former girlfriend of Jake Paul’s but I could be wrong there. Either way, this video was kind of a fail for me because this is not 2008 and I am not into “try on hauls” anymore. (There was a moment in my life in which I found outfits of the day interesting.) Storytimes, however, I am always up for, and Tana disappointed me this time. Come on Tana, spill the goods! Stay tuned!!!

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