White Supremacist Streamer Paul “Gypsy Crusader” Miller RAIDED By FBI!

Paul ”Gypsy Crusader” Miller is a popular live streamer in the world of white supremacy. It came to the FBI’s attention that he was in possession of an illegal firearm and this was just what they needed to raid his home. The Florida man is 32-years old and is a convicted felon. With this possession charge, he was breaking his probation and this gave the authorities a good reason to bust him.

Neighbors Speak Out

One of Miller’s neighbors told reporters that he was part of the Proud-Boys and practiced some far-right beliefs. “We saw him come outside. They took him out of the house and were walking him around and they ended up taking him back and took him away. We started seeing them come outside with boxes. One box definitely looked like either a shotgun on the front or an AK.”

Miller has about 40,000 on Telegram and has an account on Omegle. Some of his videos have shown him throwing around racial slurs about strangers in his life and in some of these videos, you can see him waving a gun around as well. This had many of his followers unsure about how stable he is and if he would end up hurting someone based on their race.

In 2018, it seems that Miller had another incident with a firearm and this got him some jail time and probation. As soon as there were inklings of another illegal firearm, the FBI had a justifiable reason for raiding his home. When the FBI raided his home, many of the neighbors knew that it would be sooner or later that it happened and they were very happy to see it happen.

Miller’s neighbors have put in complaints to the local police about him and many of them felt threatened by him. Of course, without some sort of proof that he is breaking the law, many of them said that there was nothing that they could do. When Miller’s videos showed up, the FBI got wind of this firearm and knew that they had to act fast and these Florida residents are glad that they did.

If Miller is convicted, he may get up to five more years in prison for breaking his probation. His neighbors can rest easy for now and we hope that this will teach Miller a valuable lesson. We think his neighbors will sleep better tonight.

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