This Is How Bella Thorne Broke The Disney Child Star Curse

Bella Thorne says that she’s managed to get where she is today simply by focusing on herself, her happiness, and her career, rather than focusing on what people think of her.

For someone who has always been in the public eye, that hasn’t been easy but Bella Thorne certainly makes it look easy. Here’s what she has to say.

Speaking to Fox News in a new interview, Bella Thorne looked back at the early days of her career and reflected on how she managed to break free from the Disney child star curse.

Fortunately for Bella, she is one of few who have managed to escape childhood stardom unscathed.

This Is How Bella Thorne Broke The Disney Child Star Curse

She said, “It was definitely harder than I expected. When I was on Disney, I was 12, so my audience was younger. Now that I am 23, children aren’t my audience so I don’t cater my material to that age. I stopped worrying about what the world was thinking of me and started focusing on my true fans that loved me. After Disney, I had the opportunity to find my true self and that is reflected in all my work from acting, producing, directing, and writing. I have more artistic freedom to continue to express myself.”

When asked what is one thing she wishes she could have done differently during her time at Disney, Bella explained, “ I wish I would have been true to myself.

When it came to filming, I would talk in a higher voice or do different things to make myself appear more innocent. It made me feel like a liar because I had to pretend to be someone I was not – even if it made me famous.”

What’s more, Bella said that she’s learned not to let her critics and her social media trolls get the best of her, even though it hasn’t always been easy.

She explained, “You just can’t react. If someone says you’re an ugly piece of s–t and you look bad, you’re thinking, ‘Am I really an ugly piece of s–t? Is that who I am?’ By doing that you are giving those words weight. Those are really just words.”

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