The REAL Reason Piers Morgan Is Salty With Meghan Markle!

So everyone knows that Piers Morgan up and walked off the set of Good Morning Britain, the premiere morning show in the UK, right? Right. Well, there are no plans to return. He has decided not to come back. But what was said to him before he walked off could be the reason why.

Apparently Mr. Morgan is a walking example of what happens when one delivers what is known as a lasting burn to a co-worker. Ever since the Oprah Winfrey interview with Harry and Meghan Markle he has been in an uproar, defending the royal family and disputing Meghan’s claims right and left, but in the words of Shakespeare, methinks the lady doth protest too much, and here is why.

The real reason Piers Morgan is salty

His co-host used this opportunity to point out that years ago, Morgan and Markle had a date. They had a few drinks at a pub, but nothing serious, then Morgan called for a car to send her home. Meghan had another engagement that night, a party that was being thrown by a friend, so instead of going straight home she decided to go there instead.

At that party, she met her husband, the future Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry of Windsor. After this, she cut Morgan off completely and never talked to him again. Once his co-host pointed out that she was totally within her rights to do that, that is when Morgan walked off the set.

I guess it must really hurt, knowing that he sent her straight into the arms of her future husband. It also must hurt that Meghan traded up, instead of a member of the press, she got a Prince. (Yeah, I realize that Morgan is married, but that doesn’t always stop some guys, just sayin’.) That aside, if he truly did consider himself a friend to Meghan at any time then he shouldn’t have made dismissive remarks about her mental health.

In spite of what Morgan thinks, mental and emotional health matters too and no matter what Piers thinks, Meghan’s feelings and experiences were very real, and they should count. But you know, maybe we should get ol’ Piers an  airsickness bag for all that bile he feels coming up in the back of his throat, bitter pills are bitter, you know. Stay tuned!!!

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