‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Tia Booth’s Return

‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers have found that we are only halfway through Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, yet the name of the next Bachelorette has been leaked.


A popular rumor was that Tia Booth would be the next lady to divvy out the roses. Tia was first seen on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season 22 of the Bachelor. She was also known for her on-off relationship with Colton Underwood, played out on Bachelor In Paradise before Colton dumped her to become The Bachelor.

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: HUGE spoiler as new Bachelorette name is leaked!

The Tia rumor gained strength as she was apparently in the running for the Clare/Tayshia quarantined s**tshow, I mean, season.

This rumor has officially (thankfully) been debunked! Filming for Matt’s season of Women Tell All was filmed on Thursday and the next Bachelorette was announced. And then promptly leaked.

Yes, the new Bachelorette will come from Matt’s season and was still seen  vying for Matt’s heart when the leak occurred. The likely prospect that our next Bachelorette would come from Matt’s season worried fans due to the extreme amounts of bitchy, mean girl moments we have seen on our screens so far.

But no one need worry about an unfit lead because ladies (and gents), grab your vibrators- your next Bachelorette will be Katie Thurston! How do you like them apples, Serena C.?

This is amazing news for a couple of reasons. First, Katie is a strong woman who will be a strong lead. This will follow the usual Bachelorette cannon of worthy women at the helm, as opposed to several of the disappointing male leads we’ve seen of late (excluding Matt- however, the jury is out until we see things get down to the wire).

Second, Katie being chosen to run the show illustrates how standing up for others and rising above will be rewarded! Katie has been the most level-headed of the ladies this season, willing to put her neck on the line to open Matt’s eyes to the extreme bullying going on behind his back.

She is also always the first, often only woman to offer up support to the girls in the house who need it most. She also never shied away from speaking to the brick wall that was Victoria, refusing to be gaslit by Victoria’s warped sense of right and wrong or Serena C.’s…whatever she was trying to do.

Finally, Katie is fun! Often opening the season with a fun schtick like introducing the Bachelor to your vibrator would categorize the contestant as fun for the cameras but not a credible player. Not in Katie’s case!

The Bachelorette was set to start shooting in Jasper, Canada on February 23, however, due to new and stricter Covid rules in many Canadian provinces, this may no longer be the case. Wherever Katie finds her Bach-home, we can’t wait to see what she has instore for us!

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