‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Clare Crawley Gets Philosophical Over Her Reunion With Dale Moss

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers find that Clare Crawley has gotten all philosophical with her fans following her romantic rekindling with Dale Moss. The two have gotten back together after their high profile split, which only lasted for approximately two months.

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Clare Crawley Gets Philosophical Over Her Reunion With Dale Moss

In a post to her fans on Instagram, Clare offered some wise words to her fans on how to find the special someone. She said: “The trick is, you have to want to experience great, deep, soul-shattering love more than you want to protect yourself from hurt.

“Because truthfully, we can never guarantee we won’t get hurt, but what we can guarantee is that in the process of protecting ourselves, we will also be preventing ourselves from ever feeling fully loved.” Clare clearly lives by those words as she was very persistent in not giving up on Dale. After all, she was shocked when the announcement of their split had been made.

Added to that, she left The Bachelorette early so that she could pursue a new life with Dale. Naturally, she was not going to throw it away lightly. Insiders previously said: “Her [Clare] love for Dale didn’t just disappear overnight. She still has strong feelings for him. Once she falls in love, she falls hard. [Clare] took the engagement very seriously and was extremely upset when they split.

“She is someone who wants to get married and have kids like tomorrow. She’s not gonna give up on love.”  The two have received a good response since getting back together. They were spotted in Florida, where they were seen holding hands. In addition, they were pictured having dinner together.

A source revealed at the time: “She had her hands on him — like, on his lap — and he had his hands on her. 100 percent, they looked like a couple. They looked very happy together. They were sitting in a round booth, and they sat right next to each other the whole entire time. A lot of people dining at the same time all knew who they were, so they would stop by and say hi and ask them questions. They were very nice people. They’re definitely in love.” 

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