‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Rachel Lindsay Quits Instagram After Getting Harassed In Aftermath of Chris Harrison Racism Scandal

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers reveal that Rachel Lindsay has decided to leave Instagram due to harassment she has received in the aftermath of the Chris Harrison scandal.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Rachel Lindsay Has Left Instagram

Several of Rachel’s colleagues have come out in support of her. The two stars, Van Lathan and Becca Kufrin, happen to have co-host roles on various podcasts with Rachel. They perceive that Rachel is being targeted unfairly for taking a particular stance on a heated issue such as racism that is naturally very divisive. Van Lathan has come out in staunch defence of Rachel.

In a post to his fans on Instagram, he hit back at her critics. He said: “Leave Rachel the f—k alone. This harassment is going too far. My co-host has zero today with the words of a grown-ass man who still doesn’t get it. @chrisbharrison, are you okay with people getting at Rachel to the point she can’t even exist on IG. Is anyone from the entire ‘Bachelor Nation’ going to stand up and condemn this harassment of a Black woman?

“Yo, it’s just a f—king TV SHOW. Y’all need to relax for real. I love you, RACH. F—k these people.” As for Becca, she was more cordial in her defence of Rachel. Rather than attack the critics too much, she simply vowed to have Rachel’s back come what may. And by the looks of it, Rachel will need that support as this issue does not look like it will die down anytime soon.

In a post to her fans on Instagram, Becca said: “I hear you, I see the similar posts/concerns. The harassment, cruelty and racism is a major issue and is not okay. You’re right, Rachel and I are friends in real life, and unfortunately, the world can’t see our personal interactions on a daily basis, and details aren’t anyone’s business.

“Just know I have her back and support her through whatever time or breaks she needs right now. Appreciate the concern.” It is good to see Rachel having such strong support by her side. But whether this will help her remains to be seen. After all, the issue has become so divisive as Chris Harrison has also received such strong support.

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