‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Rachael Kirkconnell Addresses Rachel Lindsay’s Decision To Leave Instagram

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers find that Rachael Kirkconnell has addressed Rachel Lindsay’s decision to leave Instagram after receiving unwelcome harassment to the stance that she took in the Chris Harrison scandal. 

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Rachael Kirkconnell Addresses Rachel Lindsay’s Decision To Leave Instagram

In an official statement on her Instagram, she defended Rachel’s decision to leave, which she felt was the correct one, given that her time could be used elsewhere. She said: “You have the opportunity to make a positive difference, to use your energy towards change, and to come together and realize what’s right in a time like this.

“If you are choosing to rather spread hate, to send cruel, vicious messages, to be mad about people being hurt by racism. Do better. Be better.” Rachael then went a step further as she praised Rachel’s decision to hold her at fault for her prior social media activity. She added: “Rachel Lindsay and other BIPOC have called for myself and others to be held accountable.

“This is needed, and she does not deserve the hate she is receiving. Recognize that she, along with every person you send hateful messages to, are human. We are real people, and she should not have to disable her account to escape this toxicity. This is not okay. She is doing the hard work that needs to be done for change and does not deserve to be silenced or ridiculed.

“If you are someone that has been cruel, find what fuels this hate in your heart, and fix it.” Rachael’s statement was very brave, given that she has received widespread criticism for her initial conduct and reaction to it despite apologizing. And her sincerity has to be commended, which is a step in the right direction. This would echo the previous words of Rachel, who felt that Rachael needed to back up her actions. 

She said at the time: “You almost feel like you know everything you need to know about her in that picture. The fact that that’s what she decided to do. Several people sent me that Story. Her apology was well-written, it was pretty, and it was sincere. I’m not going to knock anyone’s apology. But then the next step is to take action.”

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