Sex And The City Star Cynthia Nixon Lashes Out At New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo For His ‘Corrupt Behavior’ 

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is making it pretty clear that she is no fan of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone seeing how the actress did run against him in 2018. Cynthia recently called him out over the multiple sexual harassment allegations and his “corrupt behavior.”

Calls are growing for the New York state governor to resign following allegations made that he was inappropriate with many women on his staff. If that weren’t enough, Cuomo is being accused of underreporting the number of deaths that had occurred in nursing homes in New York and when the state was the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, and under his watch.

Sex And The City Star Cynthia Nixon Lashes Out At New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo For His ‘Corrupt Behavior’ 

Cynthia has taken to Twitter to criticize her former opponent as more citizens and politicians alike call for Cuomo’s resignation. She took note of a several-day-old tweet claiming New York City Council Speaker and comptroller candidate Corey Johnson supports Cuomo despite the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against the politician.

“I guess Cuomo still has one defender in the wake of — sexual harassment charges — avoidable nursing home deaths — unsafely built bridges — cover-ups galore — etc etc,” Cynthia wrote.

She added, “How much more evidence do you need @CoreyinNYC?”

On Wednesday, Cynthia fired off a series of tweets criticizing the politician by writing, “NY is about to get billions in pandemic aid to help schools, hospitals, businesses & more. BUT…Andrew Cuomo gets to decide how it’s spent. When the feds gave NY a billion to help schools earlier in the pandemic Cuomo took it to plug an unrelated budget gap.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it pretty clear that he’s not going anywhere, regardless of what anyone has to say about it. This, despite nearly 30 democrats and GOP New York lawmakers are now supporting his removal.

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